PTO Volunteers

Volunteer Opportunities

Whether you can give 1 hour a month or 1 hour a day, the PTO needs you. It takes a lot of volunteer hours to support our school.  Please consider giving your time when possible. You'd be surprised how many opportunities require minimal or very flexible hours. Download and print the Volunteer Opportunities form.

Volunteer Requirements (2020-2021)

Richland One requires that you obtain an approved volunteer status prior to either of the following circumstances:

  • Volunteering to chaperone any field trip

  • Having direct contact with children at the school


Please follow the steps below to become an approved volunteer.


1.      The district has moved to online applications for volunteers.

  • Paper applications are no longer accepted. Be sure to click the “Finish” button. 

  • The “Vsoft” page will come up.

  • Click to go back to the page you were on. 

  • Go to the S&RI link and complete the second part of the application.

2.      Be sure to scan your state-issued identification card into the Vsoft system at the front desk of the school.
3.      If you wish to chaperone for a field trip, you must complete the Chaperone Agreement


Upon approval, you will receive an email from the district volunteer coordinator, David Jackson. Your approved status will remain in effect for 3 years. If it has been 3 years since you were last approved, you must reapply following these steps. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Gina Terry.