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The Farm at Satchel Ford

Chair: Chris Wormley

With childhood obesity, diabetes, and other nutrition-related diseases on the rise, it’s important that children learn to eat healthier foods. Farm to school promotes awareness of how food choices impact our health, our communities, and the environment, encourages lifelong healthy eating habits, and supports Midlands farmers. It also offers students rich, tactile experiences where they can get their hands dirty. 

Where do my donations go?

The Farm at Satchel Ford is an organization founded to help provide outstanding educational opportunities for our students. We invite you to contribute to furthering education in the Midlands by helping to supplement enrichment programs at Satchel Ford Elementary. Your donation is 100% tax-deductible and anyone can donate – parents, grandparents, and businesses large and small. The Farm at Satchel Ford is funded solely by donations and grants. Your support helps offset operational expenses of running the Farm to School Initiative. There are continued opportunities for expansion and growth. The priorities for 2020 are outlined below.

  • Expansion of the outdoor garden to include additional raised beds, fencing and irrigation

  • Establish a chicken coop and flock

  • Create an outdoor handwashing station

  • Create an outdoor classroom including a music area

  • Develop additional biosecurity features

Volunteer Opportunities

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