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School Improvement


What is the School Improvement Council (SIC)?

The SIC is an advisory group established by state law to work with school administration to cultivate a positive school environment supporting student success.


What does SIC do?

One of the SIC’s main goals is to communicate with the parents and guardians of our school and allow them direct input on how to improve our school. Satchel Ford Elementary School's Improvement Plan calls on the SIC to conduct a yearly survey aimed at assessing parents’ perceptions of the school’s learning environment, physical environment and home-school relations. The SIC analyzes and utilizes the results of the survey to support the SIC’s involvement with the development and implementation of ways to improve the school.


Who is SIC?

The SIC consists of elected teacher and parent representatives, community members and business partners appointed by the principal, and school administrators.


Want more information?


For more information about South Carolina's School Improvement Councils, please click here.

The Satchel Ford 2022-23 SIC Annual Report can be viewed here.

To contact Satchel Ford's School Improvement Council, email

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